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by Christopher Kintner
Club President


Hello and welcome to August! July was a busy month. The North American MGB Register hosted their annual meet in San Diego. The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix folks hosted their two-week long festival of racing, dinners, car shows and more and our friends in the LANCO MG Club hosted their British Invade Gettysburg show. We also hosted our 55th Annual Braille Rallye.

The Grand CanyonCheryl and I got away in July and managed to check a couple things off our bucket list. We first ventured over to Las Vegas for a few days and visited Cheryl’s cousin and her family. While there we took a bus tour over to the Grand Canyon. Seeing “the big ditch” for the first time was breath-taking. Pictures most certainly do not do it justice. Our tour took us to two separate sites on the South Rim and the views were almost over-whelming. The weather was beautiful and the temperatures were nice at the Grand Canyon—mid eighties. The same could not be said for Las Vegas. Temperatures while we were there were around 117 right into the night.

Dawes GlacierThe second part of our trip consisted of a week-long Alaskan cruise on the Norwegian Jewell cruise ship. We made stops in Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. While in Skagway we took the old White Pass Railway up through the mountains to the head of the Yukon. Everything was just so beautiful. The cruise ship took us up into Glacier Bay and you know as we were passing small and some not-so-small icebergs Cheryl and I both heard the theme from  Titanic playing in our minds. We saw Orcas (Killer Whales for those that don’t speak Alaskan), Humpback whales, dolphins and seals and more Bald Eagles than we could count. We also made a stop in Victoria, British Columbia on our way back down to Seattle, Washington.

We made it back just in time to participate in our Club’s 55th Annual Braille Rallye. It was a warm, sunny day at Burke Lake Park. Cheryl and I picked up the food from JR’s Stockyard who supplied their delicious barbeque, chicken breasts, potato salad and coleslaw at a great discount. We sure appreciate their support. We also brought a big cake. Nobody went hungry! Todd Wells and Ken Stepka planned a fun route and with help from Todd’s brother and friend manning the single check-point along the route, everyone made it back with an appetite and big smiles. After lunch we presented the trophies, enjoyed some cake and divided up the leftovers.

I wish everyone in the club could see the joy on the faces of our young and old navigators from the Columbia Light House for the Blind as they set off and return from their rallye adventure. It makes me proud that our great Club has hosted this event for fifty-five years.

Coming up in August, Cheryl and I will be setting off for South Bass Island, Ohio once again for the annual Put-In-Bay Road Race Revival. The streets of this island echoed with the sounds of MGs and other sports cars of the era back in the ‘50s. This revival brings that back with parade laps through the streets following the original course and two full days of vintage racing at the island’s airport, along with a fun car show on the last day of the event.

Our friends in the LANCO MG Club will be hosting their Taste of Britain show up at the Lancaster Polo Club on the 27th. The Virginia Scottish Games and their British car show follow closely behind on the first weekend of September. Also, please note that our Club’s Test Drive has been rescheduled for the 24th of September. Please also note that online registration is now open for our 22nd annual Hunt Country Classic.

Cheers and


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