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Membership Director

Membership Matters

Four new members joined the club this month plus a renewing long lapsed member brings our current membership total is 163. That is only about 3 members shy of where we were this time last year which means we are just about in a zero sum position.

Michael Carter owns a 1949 MG TC, lives in Fredericksburg, Virginia and was pointed in our direction by the folks at the Classic Car Center. He says he is learning a lot and could use help with some things as yet unspecified.

Rose and John Eberhardt live in Winchester, Virginia and have owned their 1979 MG B for about 3 months. They joined the club at the Hunt Country Classic this year and at present have nothing MG they need help with. As to expertise to share there appears to be a coded response: “John → Big Data, Porsche Club” that as soon as I decipher I’ll tell you what it means.

Ed and Lanie Johannemann are really new MG owners who have a 1974 MG B they’ve owned for 30 days as of their membership application. If you need a nuclear site secured John says he is your go to man. He also says he’s owned antique Buicks but this is his first MG so he needs everything.

Pennie Haase lives in St Michael, Maryland and has a 1960 MGA and a 1974 MG Midget. She’s owned the MGA for 19 years, the 74 Midget for 21, and points out that her mother owned the Midget for 11 years before her. She learned about the club at the Twist seminar that preceded the Hunt Country Classic and says she is always learning and enjoys hearing how others accomplished different projects.

We want you to bring new members into the club and exactly how you do that is up to you, but if you have a method that works let me know so I can share it with everyone else. Otherwise, whenever you are out and about keep an eye out for fellow MG enthusiasts, and should you happen across one whilst out and about, try to chase them down (safely, of course) and ask them if they are a member of our club. If they aren’t, invite them to join. Please download a current version of the membership application or the “car tagging” application from our web site so you can leave one whenever you seen a stationary MG and can’t identify the owner. If you are able to speak to the owner you can also direct them to our web site at or to me. Whenever or wherever you come across fellow MG enthusiasts don’t be shy, ask them to join the club.

They are out there. I found myself behind a 1976 MG B the other night who I then followed to a big box store parking lot. After parking next to him I had to loiter in such a way that I didn’t appear to be a stalker or something. He’d only had the car for about 2 weeks and was reminiscent about the MG B his father had 20+ years before. I didn’t have a car tagging application with me -- they are in my MGs so I best put some in my daily driver – but did point him towards the club’s website.

If you have any questions please let me know at


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