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Get Ready to Renew
Your Membership!

The Club’s membership year runs from 1 March through 28 February of the following year and that means as you read this your membership is about to expire at the end of February. If you don’t renew your membership by the end of March the March issue of The Spark will likely be your last until you do renew.


The Board approved an increase in membership dues to $40 dollars, $20 dollars for “new” members who join after 1 September (the halfway mark in our membership year). That is the reason for the bold-faced banner above.; Please download a copy of the new membership application form to fill out and send in with your dues.

Membership dues were $25 dollars until 2004 when they were increased to $30 dollars. In the last 14 years the club’s expenses to provide the benefits of membership (e.g., The Spark, tech sessions, and other club events) have increased across the board. We all know personally how pretty much everything in our own lives costs more today than 14 years ago … the same is true for the club.

IF you’re reading this you probably need to renew because as I write this article I have received one renewal. If you’re one of those members who receives a paper copy of the newsletter I hope you haven’t already thrown out the envelope this month’s issue arrived in because your mailing label contains a number sequence that looks something like this: 01-27/R17. Deciphered that means: “01” is the year you joined the club; “27” is where you stood in the line of new members; “R” stands for renewed; and “17” is the year for which you renewed. So, this fictitious member was the 27th person to join the club in 2001 and renewed for 2017, and needs to send in their dues for 2018. If this person had joined the club in 2017 their label would have a “N17” where “N” stands for “New.”

If you receive The Spark electronically you don’t get a mailing label with that so if you’re one of those and are unsure whether you need to renew or not just drop me a note and I’ll let you know.

Before the end of March, so you still have time to renew, I’ll send an e-mail to ALL of the members who need to renew for the 2018 membership year reminding you that you haven’t done so yet and need to soon.

Now that you know how to break the code on your mailing label, or you receive an e-mail from me, download a current membership application from the website, fill it in and send it with your payment to the Club’s address listed on the form.; PLEASE make sure you fill out the form, particularly if any of your information (e.g., e-mail or physical address, phone number, cars owned) so we can make sure our membership database is as current as possible.

If you have any questions please let me know at


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