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Test Drive 2018 - You Missed It!

Can you say Brrrrrrrrrrr with a smile on your face? I'm pretty sure the 8 hardy souls who braved the cold and wind on October 21st to participate in the Test Drive at Bull Run Park CAN! It was quite cold and very windy but that was more than offset by the opportunity taken advantage of by all eight of us to drive each other's cars. In attendance were five MG Bs, four roadsters and one GT, plus three Triumphs.

In order of age the MGs and their owners present were: Jim Spurgeon in his very nice 1965 roadster that he drove topless from the Woodbridge area … the car was topless not Jim! Dan Howard again brought his very original 37 thousand mile 1967 BGT that did not drive like a 51 year old car. John Puglisi and Bob Watkin also came up from the Woodbridge are in John's 1972 roadster, but unlike Jim's topless '65, John's '72 was wearing a hard top. I brought the 1978 B my wife gave me as a 10th anniversary gift (and she's already told me not to expect another car as a n anniversary gift). Rounding out the MGs was Alphonso Stewart in his 1979 roadster on which he's installed some suspension modifications and a cross flow head.

Our friends from the Capital Triumph Register brought with them 2 roadsters and a sedan. Again in age order: Stephen Oertwig brought his very nice 1970 Triumph 2000 Mk 2 that was the only car with an automatic transmission present. John Buescher's 1974 TR6, like Alphonso's B has been given some suspension and drive train upgrades that aren't really visible but are very visceral when you put your foot on that tall pedal on the right. Art Fournier's 1980 TR8 was undoubtedly the most powerful car present given that it was packed with a V8, and it very smoothly put that power on the road.

Hindsight being as perfect as it is I probably should not have postponed the Test Drive in advance of Hurricane Florence since she didn't really affect us at all, as much as I feared she might. The only thing I have left to say about the weather last weekend is at least it didn't snow as one of our Board members suggested it might given that I cancelled the event on what turned out to be a nice day weather wise. Despite the weather, the company was awesome and the opportunities to drive other people’s cars lasted about 3 hours when everybody had driven every car present at least once. Once we'd done that we didn’t dawdle but rather packed up and went to our respective homes … with smiles on our faces.

If you have not attended a Test Drive in the past you really need to put it on your calendar next year because it is a good time you have been missing, whether you know it or not.


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